Having Joshua participate in the CTeen program at Chabad has been a wonderful experience.  It's not just that he goes on Sunday afternoons to learn with Rabbi G., it's that he can't wait to go each week.  We were at the home of some friends recently for Shabbat lunch, and the host shared a d'var torah.  Josh spoke up and added a thought that he has learned that week at Chabad, with keen insight into the week's parsha.  Smiles broke out around the table as everyone shared in our pride (including Josh).  Thanks, Rabbi Goldin, for making learning fun.


Ellen & Stephen Finkelstein

parents of Joshua (grade 10)


CTeen learning is where I have a chance to explore different areas of Torah that I don't know a lot about. It has helped me get a better understanding of the Jewish nation as a whole.

Through Cteen events such as paintball I’m thankful to have met many other teens around my neighborhood and have a chance to get new friends.